Xtreme Fitness Designs was founded by two fitness professionals with the fitness professional in mind. We are a company dedicated to making your workout equipment ideas into reality. XFD shapes and molds your ideas into creations with the perfect balance of functionality, ergonomic superiority, and esthetic admiration.

Our designs and products are based on the ideas you conceive. Clients simply engage us with drawings, simple sketches, or photos and we move on to shaping those ideas with full specifications to your needs and likes. After the basic idea is formulated on to design we go a step further providing you with a basic or deluxe option with added attachments.

At XFD we take ergonomically correct designs to heart. We find ways to make your ideas into equipment that allows your clients to maximize absolute effort while maintaining the integrity of their posture reducing risk of cumulative unproportioned stress.

We look forward to helping you realize the gym of your dreams at a look and cost that will make you happy!