Renew, Refurbish, Reinvent


Because XFD is all about helping its customers we understand that saving money to back in your business is important.

Do you have any equipment in you studio, gym or home that’s just collecting dust because no one is using it either because its an eye sore or it has lost its functionality? Don’t throw it away!!! You don’t have to buy a newer version of it either!!

Xtreme Fitness Designs has the perfect solution. We can take your piece of equipment and not only refurbish it but reinvent it. Every year equipment manufacturers come out with newer versions of all equipment lines. Of course with newer versions of the same equipment come higher prices. Save your money! XFD can add or modify your piece of equipment to give it a totally new fresh updated look along with any new attatchments the newer version has minus the high cost.

Here are a few examples of our work so you can see what we have done for some of our clients. The only limits are that of your imagination.